What our clients are saying...

"Kathleen’s laser focused intuition honed directly in on the very crux of what was going on with me.I have had this “money block” my whole life. Over and over again, I found myself working through the same issue dressed in different clothing throughout the years of my life.I had no idea how these seemingly unrelated habits and patterns were being affected by one deep trauma. Kathleen, in our first session illuminated life changing insights and programing around money and my business as an Energy Healer, and taught me how to work with them.
I feel so free in so any areas of my life as a result.
I plan to continue working with Kathleen as my life unfolds. She is direct, kind, and insightful. I need someone who tells it like they see it, and can help work through deep rooted patterns of habit and perception. Kathleen can help me achieve my biggest and most abundant and joyful life.
Thank you Kathleen for your kindness, wisdom and insights.
I’m better at life with your help!" –Lea Ann (Owner of Energy Anatomy)

"I suffered a job I did not love for over 25 years. I had always dreamed of opening my own day care, as caring for children is my greatest passion. But I never believed that it would be possible this late in my life.
When I was laid off because the business I worked for closed, I panicked! But with Kathleen's guidance I realized this perceived tragedy was a blessing in disguise.
My hard work and faith have paid off and I have become the proud owner of a successful in-home daycare for the last 5 years and I love it! Thank you Kathleen for helping me to realize you are never too old to make your dreams come true!"
-Patricia (Owner of Precious Little Discoveries Day Care)

"Working with Kathleen Anderson as a life coach has been a beautiful journey. When I met her I was in a toxic relationship that was affecting my confidence, my ability to shine and my finances. Leaving me feeling disconnected from the REAL me. My true energy and essence was down due to this manipulative relationship that I didn't know how to let go of.
I was going around circles in the same problem and didn't realize that my worth was higher than what my partner was showing me to be true.
Because he didn’t see me, I believed I was unworthy, and set out to change myself for him.
Because of her valuable gifts my life started to change 360° into the correct vibes and blessings leading me to the right mate, promotions at work, increased income and best relationships with family and friends. I can never thank Kathleen enough for transitioning me from darkness to light. Greatness walks with me and within me now and I would recommend her services as a life coach and spiritual guide 200%.
Thank you Kathleen!!"-Evelin

"Being a single mom, while going through an intense medical program and trying to engage in an intimate relationship I found myself stretched thin, overwhelmed and constantly putting myself on the back burner. And to be honest, was ready to give up on my dream of becoming a chiropractor
Even with the tools I learned as a yoga instructor such as meditation, journaling and manifestation I was unable to bridge the gap to peace.
Her coaching has worked wonders to help me with my limiting beliefs around my career and relationships, including my relationship with myself and finally bridge the gap to where I want to be.
If you are ready to do the work, get off the path of avoidance, and get on a path of peace to discover your truth, work with Kathleen!"

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