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"Be in business for yourself, not by yourself!"
-Kathleen Anderson

Is your fear of losing your clients stopping you from making your ideal income?

Do you find yourself saying?...

•  I have confidence but struggle with self-doubt.
•  I don't know how to relax without feeling guilty.
•  I often wake up feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.
•  I don’t know how I am going to fill my chairs with       ideal clients or salon with ideal tenants.
•  I am not attracting the right clients/employees/tenants and it makes me question my value.
•  I struggle with or feel guilty charging my worth.
•  I feel so alone and isolated, no one understands what I am going through.

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About Me

Transformational Money Mindset & Empowerment Coach, Ayurveda Wellness Consultant and 300 RYT yoga instructor, Official TIP Trainer for the Mustang Heritage Foundation.   

Learning How To Get Back In The Saddle

      I was born meant for the saddle, and at a very young age I learned what it meant to get back in one as an entrepreneur.  My dad and maternal uncle both ran businesses throughout my youth.  So, I learned what it took to run a business.  The endless sacrifices of family events, vacations, dance recitals, orchestra concerts, horse jumping competitions, soccer games, and...don't even get me started on the sleepless nights being carted off at 3a.m. for emergency vet calls. 
     At the age of 10, I started working at my dad's veterinary clinic and my uncle's lobster distribution co., and got a behind the scenes look at what it took to run a small business.  My spring, summer and winter breaks were spent working for them both.  During my school year, my divorced parents worked 60-80 hour work weeks, leaving me in the care of my maternal Sicilian grandmother.  She taught me many great things; how to live off of the earth, how to heal through natural methods, how to cook with love, how to love myself, how to use my many talents and be comfortable in my own skin.  I have her to thank for the woman I have become.  I also have my Dad to thank for teaching me what it means to get back in the saddle; literally as a rider and metaphorically as a business owner, when his clinic burned to the ground one fateful spring.  My Mom taught me how to stand the tests of time and use faith to keep a company running, even when she no longer wanted to spend her long days and nights supporting it. Unfortunately my uncle's company eventually failed, fortunately its closing set my mom free.  The blessing in disguise... is that when it did... my mom came to me for help, and we transformed her life.

Becoming The "Boss Babe"

At the age of 22, just 3 short years into my career as a cosmetologist, I found myself following in my father's footsteps and opened my own business; Dreamers Salon was born.  By this time I was an award winning Master Colorist and had a full clientele.  My clients loved me and most stayed with me for 14+ years. Part of what lead me to this success is quickly realizing that I had a gift to help women heal their relationships with their self-image and life. I also helped many open or grow their businesses with confidence.  One of my first coaching clients happened to be my mom. With my help, she went from a 64 year old unemployed woman with no formal education, to a successful day care owner/entrepreneur that LOVES what she does and has remained open and thriving for the past 6 years.

The Spiritual Path Begins

Finding Yoga in 2012 saved my life, and I say this without exaggeration! I wanted to have more meaning in my work and I wanted to make a difference! I just kept coming back to this feeling that I was meant to do something bigger. It became clear that it was time to not only be SEEN and HEARD for my own inner power and talent it was time to stand out. It started to slowly dawn on me that over the first 26 years of my life I’d been following a path that had been programmed into me over generations. I was simply doing what I thought I was supposed to do without any awareness or choice. I LOVED being a salon owner, but I was tired working hard and never getting ahead, tired of being a victim of my inner critic constantly causing me to doubt myself, tired of my body suffering from long hours on my feet and just plain fed up with the idea that I would have to live in a constant state of overwhelm, because it was all on me!
   I was all on my own. I didn't have a mentor or guide to help me figure out how to make this transition from stylist to salon owner a smooth success.  The source of my struggle and suffering was the limiting belief that I had to prove my value/worth by working harder...and harder...and harder, instead of giving my best and charging my worth. What I didn't know was that by being in this constant state of overwhelm, anxiety and self-doubt, I was living out my parents paradigm. Both of my parents struggled with the same habitual emotional habits that destroyed their health running my family businesses,  I learned to do no less.

The Begining of Change

However, yoga showed me a different path, one that lead me to slow down, be in the present moment and stand in my own power. I learned self-awareness and conscious choice to decide who I would become each day. Not to mention the physical healing my yoga practice provided my body with balancing out my physically demanding salon career. I was a whole new woman! Confident, centered, grounded and radiant. Inspired with change, I began hosting yoga retreats and mindset workshops. With my new found charisma, I hustled at these events and networked to build a clientele in the upscale area I was teaching in and moved my salon.
  But it was too little too late, the bad habits that I inherited coupled with the stress from my divorce weakened my bones. In 2018 tragedy struck when I shattered my L1 vertebra. I had developed advanced osteoporosis at the age of 32 and had the bones of an 80-year-old. My programming and determination ran deep enough that I moved forward with the grand reopening of my salon. For 3 months I struggled to work with a broken spine and eventually was forced to close shop.
   Instead of giving up on life when my spine refused to heal, I took this opportunity to answer my true calling as a Transformational Empowerment Coach.

Tragedy Leads to Transformation

   I was terrified and devastated to learn that 9 months after my accident my spine wasn't healing. When western medicine failed me I went back to my roots. I left no stone unturned, seeking out any and all forms of holistic methods. I found EFT and attended my first two virtual Tapping World Summits... and this is where traction meets the road. Using my new skills in EFT, my Law of Attraction Certification, my Tapping Into Wealth Certification and Vedic Philosophy I began to change the lives of anyone who came calling, and many did.
   Seeing my coaching clients dramatically transform, let go of their limitations and move forward was incredible. Having such a profound and personal impact on people changed me forever. But strangely the other thing I found was that there was still something missing. When I woke each day, I didn’t feel the excitement and energy I’d expected I’d feel by leaving the salon industry. It did not feel like the “something big” I was truly called to do. (And I certainly wasn’t earning even close to what I made as a stylist/salon owner.)
You see, I still wasn’t free – I could still only see two options. Make great money but have an unfulfilling life playing by the rules – or make a meaningful impact on others at great financial and personal cost.
   There was help for me but I had to put down everything I thought I knew about myself, and my rules for how to live my life.
    Something big was about to happen. I then started integrating what I knew about the chakras and energy psychology and challenged myself to go deeper with my Tapping Technique.
   I studied everything I could about transformation and why positive affirmations and visions boards weren't enough. I realized I had to do the deep inner work and stop hiding from my true calling. I hadn't answered the universe's call to go back to my people, my salon people that is.
   Now, if you are a stylist then you know some are caddie and backstabbing...I don't want to be nasty, but let's be real please! So, I understood my fear of criticism and rejection from this potential audience. But I refused to let it stop me. Instead, I made standing up to comparison and competition a pillar of my business. It turns out there are many of us stylists who started their own salons to build a community where they uplift and empower their fellow stylists. THIS CHANGED EVERYTHING and my business skyrocketed!

Who I Am Now Is Who I Wanted To Be

    I now specialize in showing stylists/salon owners and other female entrepreneurs struggling with overwhelm and self- doubt how to step into empowerment, feel confident increasing their income and live their dream life. It is my mission to help women befriend their inner critic, charge their worth and feel self-reliant and confident in their own skin! It truly is the most fulfilling work I have ever done!
    As an accomplished holistic healer, speaker and success coach I deliver high-impact transformation that CLEARS my clients inner blocks to wealth and success and CREATES the "on-fire enthusiasm and charisma" that is KEY to sky-rocketing wealth. I love delivering this transformation on stage, in healing yoga retreats, group coaching programs and in my intimate one-on-one coaching sessions. I LOVE WHAT I DO!

    In my downtime I spend my days creating artwork, training horses, growing veggies and playing with my boys on our ranch. One of them  happens to be the man of my dreams and one of my greatest testimonies as he is now the proud owner of Nice Wood Windows & Remodeling. It feels good to shine!

   When you SHINE you give others permission to do the same. So turn on your lights ladies and join me! You are the one you have been waiting for after all!

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